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The Crow Card Game

Card Game box
Card Game pack

The Crow, The Collectible Card Game of Gothic Tragedy masterpacks box (item # 6601) and foil pack, issued by Heartbreaker Hobbies in 1994. Each foil pack included 15 play cards and a rules book (shown below). There were 123 different cards - 112 in the main set plus 10 foil chase cards and a send-away promo card. The chase cards have comic book images whereas the rest of the cards have photos from the movie. The promo card, The Confident Crow, was offered by mail for $2.00 plus a wrapper and is now very scarce. A magazine giveaway included a card, but it was exactly the same as one that came in the main set.

Two cards contained errors, the Officer Albrect and Friend In Need cards, both having dashes missing in the crow symbols. Corrected versions exist of both. The Friend error card is common, while the Albrect is somewhat tougher to find.

Crow card game cards

Upper left corner, the front, which was the same for all of the cards, and 9 random cards from the series.

Rules book front cover
Rules book back cover

The front and back covers of the card-sized 6-page Rules book included with each foil pack.

Crow Card Game checklist

Main set - 112 cards
A dead man visits you Fleeting happiness Resources
Anarchy, now that's fun Friend in need Righteousness
Arson Funboy Running scared
Awareness Gabriel Ruthless Crow
Believe in angels Gideon Sarah
Big plans Gideon's pawnshop Serendipity
Blade Grange Shelly Webster
Blend in Graveyard Shelly's ring
Blinded Healing Crow Skank
Bouncer Henchman Skull Cowboy
Brutality Hidden away Sorry!
Burdened Hit and run Soul search
Calm within the storm Hope sings eternal Spiritual guidance
Captured I'm coming home Superior Crow
Change of heart Intimidated Swipe
Club trash Invincibility Tables turn
Crime scene Invulnerable Crow T-Bird
Criminal scum Junked up The big moby
Cut off Kind-hearted soul The Boardroom
Darla Like lightening The Cathedral
Darla's home, Sarah's house Lonely Crow The loft
Death overdrive Looter Thicker than water
Deliverance Lost in remorse Tin-Tin
Delivered out of evil Lost opportunity Token of friendship
Detective Torre's Lover never dies Top Dollar
Determination Makeshift weapon Transformation of tears
Deviation Maxi-dogs Upper hand
Devil's night in Detroit Mother is the name for God Vantage point
Driving heat Myca Vengeful Crow
Dusted Nervous Viciousness
Eat this Not a good night for bad guys Victims - aren't we all?
Eric Draven - The Crow Nothing personal Vision of weakness
Eternal sadness Officer Albrecht Weakness
Even up Officer Annabella Wrong things right
Fear and Bullets Pain threshold You never stop dying for me
Feint Percarious situations Your power is mine
Firepower Power of vengeance  
Flashback stupor Resolved Crow  
The 10 Foil Chase Cards:
Artocity Exhibiton Fear Pain
Attrition Irony Velocity
Crescendo Inertia Despair
Promo card (send-away):

The Confident Crow

Error cards:

Officer Albrecht

Friend In Need

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